WATCH: Trailer For Mikhail Red’s Newest Masterpiece “Neomanila”

A new wave of must-see independent films is set to be released in the next month through this year’s QCinema International Film Festival. One of the selected feature films that are set to compete in the competition this year is young filmmaker Mikhail Red’s newest masterpiece, Neomanila.

After the success of his internationally acclaimed film Birdshot, the award-winning director is once again tackling relevant social issues.

A trailer of the film has recently been released, and it already looks promising. Watch it below:

Neomanila is the story of a teenage orphan who has been recruited by a death squad whose leader has become a maternal figure to the boy. The violent drug war will soon test their loyalties.

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This is not the first Mikhail Red to feature a very relevant and timely plot, as Birdshot also had themes revolving around violence and corruption.

Be sure to catch Neomanila in theaters during the QCinema International Film Festival 2017, running from October 19 to 28, 2017!

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