WATCH: Tomcat Releases A Video-Call Inspired Music Video for “Busy Girl”

Busy Girl, a track written by Tomcat from the first EP is set for a new music video. The song speaks about long-distance relationships.

With the situation the world is currently in, we are constantly faced with the trouble of not being able to get in touch with our loved ones. Going out to eat with a partner, movie date in the cinemas, a few drinks in a bar to watch the local bands, or even just a walk in the park, all seem like dreams we wish to live in reality. Everyone’s getting better at daydreaming, since most of us have no choice, especially couples who don’t live together. We are grateful for technology though. We can at least cope from our loneliness or longing for our partners through the internet with
the high-tech mediums that are accessible to us now. We have our screens to help us pretend we’re right in front of each other. An amazing yet melancholic experience.

That is the inspiration for the music video of Busy Girl.

Photo from 1990 Film

A few zoom meetings were needed to plan the process of the shoot. It was harder than usual to shoot a music video while keeping social distancing in practice with the quarantine and lockdown in the metro in effect. Fortunately, 1990 Film came up with a clever idea to shoot the entire music video through a Zoom call. The team directed Asch & Jaren on how the scenes were supposed to look, which were then shot from their phones.

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The concept was further realized with the cinematic backdrops that complimented the moving pictures. Director Ivan Pasia and Cinematographer Vincent Lojares imagined their
vision into reality.

“Since the song is about distance and separation, we thought of a concept that would fit our situation right now — since we’re still in quarantine and limited from doing what we’re used to. The song is a chill type of vibe that talks about missing someone and not knowing what to do about it. That’s why we went for a home type music video (since most of us are stuck at home) with the cinematic touch into it. We used different screens to show tomcat performing symbolizing how we’re still connected through our devices even as we go through this pandemic,” says Director Ivan Pasia.

Watch the music video for Tomcat’s “Busy Girl” below:

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