WATCH: Tom Holland and his stunt double have their own handshake and it’s so cute

Tom Holland may just be one of the cutest humans on Earth. He’s charming, he’s funny, he’s Spiderman. Like, what else could he be except adorable? Even when we first met him in Civil War we all fell in love with his baby face, his nerdiness, and him geeking out about meeting the Avengers and Tony Stark (calling him “Mr. Stark”? so cute). And it all broke our hearts when we watched him wither away in Infinity War. We just adore him.

But how about some love for his equally brave stunt double? Greg Townley, Holland’s stunt double, is just as integral to the films as Tom. Tom may be the face, but Greg takes the hit more often than not. And because of this, Tom sees him as a good friend and confidante, knowing how much he gives of himself just to keep Tom safe.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that they have their own handshake. And it’s as cute as it sounds.

Watch it below:


So cute! I want a handshake, too!

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