WATCH: This Video Will Make You Say “That’s My Cat!”

As a huge cat lover myself, I’m pretty sure most cat parents here will agree that having a cat is honestly one of the most wonderful things in life.

These adorable fur balls can instantly brighten up your day even when they pounce at you, nibble you, scratch you, or even ignore you.

All the more so when they decide to sleep on your chest, brush their heads against your skin and kiss you on your cheeks.

Anyway, here’s a really cute video by Smetana TV entitled ‘Typical Cat’ that encapsulates cat traits all cat parents can totally relate to. Watch this and count how many times you said “That’s my cat!”.

(Full credits to the owner of the video)

Whether we admit it or not, these weird yet wonderful little quirks actually make us love our cats even more.

Which one reminds you the most of your cat?

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