WATCH: This video reveals the reality of the slums in the Philippines, and it’s powerful

Prepare those tissues when you watch this video!

Uploaded by Kris Chan, the video reveals that it is set in the slums of the Philippines. The story begins with a man full of anger with an irate demeanor, but things take a turn when he encounters a crying baby that seemed to disrupt his sleep every night.

The video is inspired by a true story.

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“About time to see a short film showing the real Philippines. I’m sick to death of seeing all these Filipino romance dramas on tv and they are of rich Filipino living in western style houses. Sometimes it’s best to show the nitty gritty of life in all its glory,” Chan captions in his Facebook account.

Watch the video below!

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Disclaimer: does not own the video above. WIM and Kris Chan wish to give credits to Vicks Philippines for the video.