WATCH: This Video of Recto Station Looks Like Something Out of an Indie Film

“I’m coming home.”

This is what this video of Recto Station created by Mico Estanislao will make you feel like. It feels serene. It feels tranquil, which is opposite of the Recto Station we know of.

Mico told that at first, he was skeptic of shooting a video because Recto Station is a notorious place for thieves and stealing. He felt that it might be risky to bring out his camera.

However, he changed his mind as he continued walking. He realized that there’s this unconventional beauty in Recto that most people do not see because they tend to look at the “ugly” side of it.

He added, “It had these dramatic shadows, sort of stark and mundane feeling and for my part it’s really beautiful. As contrary to the violent and chaotic state it is usually in with people commuting to and from, Recto at night really is a wonder. The video itself doesn’t have that much of a story but I think it’s just a nice way of capturing the beauty of something unexpected.”

Watch Mico’s video of Recto Station below.

I’m coming home / うちに帰るところだ

Recto Station at night looked so beautiful and had the opportunity to see it in a light opposed to the contrary chaotic state it is in.

Posted by Mico Estanislao on Sunday, August 21, 2016


The video was taken at around 10PM. Mico used a Canon 700D.

What do you think of this indie film-like video of Recto Station?

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