WATCH: This UP Pep Squad Member Tosses Her Way Through Graduation

You only march for graduation once. Might as well make it special.

This was what a certain member of the UP Pep Squad said about her unique way of receiving her diploma on her college graduation.

Noelynne Figueroa, a fresh graduate of Bachelor of Sports Science in UP Diliman,  made noise in social media after a video of her getting tossed at her graduation went viral.

In the video, Noelynne is seen marching up the stage to receive her diploma. While onstage, a couple of men gathered towards her and performed a flawless “birdfront toss” with her, earning applause and cheers from the audiences.

Apparently, the drummers of UP Pep would play for every Pep member that would graduate once they walked up the stage. And so, Noelynne made the most out of it and did something memorable and special.

It was a brilliant way to celebrate the end of a chapter.

Noelynne had all the reasons to perform such a marvelous toss at her graduation. She was a member of the UP Pep Squad for 6 years and was part of the 3-peat competing lineup.

Up pep squad

Photo from Noelynne’s Facebook

She was also a part of Team Pilipinas in the Cheerleading World Championship. So really, if anyone should do a toss at their graduation, it would truly be Noelynne.

This student athlete shares how she felt pressured at first with the need to balance academics and training. But because of the support of her coaches, teammates, and with her love for the sport, she was able to conquer all the challenges that she had to face.

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Upon hearing the cheers of the people after her toss, Noelynne shares that it felt like everyone was celebrating along with her.

We all are! Congratulations, graduate!

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