WATCH: This Touching Trailer about Children with Special Needs Will Make You Appreciate Them More

I must admit, I love people with special needs. I love how genuine they are. For me, they are probably the most truthful persons on earth. Indeed, they are people full of abilities. They are able to love unconditionally. They are able to forgive wholeheartedly. They aren’t tainted. They are able to embrace everything – everything normal people wouldn’t be able to do.

That’s why having a child with special needs lets you embrace the true meaning of love, beauty, and life. Such is the same feeling when you watch the trailer of “Yakap.”

Yakap or “embrace” in English is a project video of Center for Possibilities about three families embracing the realities of supporting a loved one with special needs.

Game changers

Michelle Aventajado with her #Gellibean.

One of the families featured in the video is a good friend of mine, Michelle. Mish and her family are probably one of the nicest people we’ve ever met. Mish is an advocate of Down Syndrome, #EndTheRWord (wherein you should refrain from using “retard” to describe someone) and #changingthefaceofbeauty campaigns. She believes that the true meaning of beauty is someone who has a genuine heart, just like her daughter, #Gellibean.

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Credit: Center for Possibilities Foundation Inc. YouTube Account

Yakap is a film by Danny Gomez Añonuevo. Starring Evangeline R. Aventajado, Aaron Joshua A. De Quiroz, and Kevin S. Avelino.

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