WATCH: This Thai Commercial is One of the Most Viral Ads of 2016

The Thais have proven again and again that they are the masters of making heart-tugging advertisements. And tear-jerking, most of the time, too.

Emotional advertisements seem to be the new thing, but it’s truly effective marketing. People gravitate towards what they can relate with. And no matter how cold or cruel reality can sometimes get, truth is ~hoomans~ are just all soft inside. So we all secretly love these ads.

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This Thai ad was initially released in time with 2015’s Teacher’s Day, and the eight-minute short film retells the life of a teacher who gave much more of herself to her students than she was obligated to. The result is a tear-jerking advert that will touch the heart of anyone who was or is a teacher, and for everyone who’s ever had a teacher who was close to their hearts.


What did you think of this ad? Did it remind you of one of your teachers? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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