WATCH: This “Spy Kids” Reunion is so Cute and Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

One of our favorite movies from the ’00s is Spy Kids, which followed Alexa Vega and Daryl Sabara as siblings who are, well, spies.

It’s been nine years since the last film in the installment and we didn’t know we missed them until we saw this reunion. Over Meghan Trainor’s Instagram (who Sabara is married to), Vega and Sabara teamed up again to reminisce over the good ol’ days.

Watch an excerpt below:

The Instagram Live began when Trainor held her Live From Home Tour to help raise funds for Feeding America. She and Sabara revealed that they have just finished watching the first Spy Kids. Sabara then spent some time answering questions about the movie. Here, Trainor revealed that they have a surprise guest, which turned out to be Vega.

For 40 minutes, the two reminisced over their shared experience and talked about weird moments, like when Daryl’s character Juni Cortez had a scene with warts but no one was around to help him remove it after filming.

Today, Vega is married and is starring in the TV show The Casagrandes. Meanwhile, Sabara has a recurring role on Ben 10 as Heatblast.

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