WATCH: This Song Cover of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Might Just Be Better Than John and Ariana’s Version

To tell you honestly, I am not the biggest fan of John Legend and Ariana Grande’s version of Tale as Old as Time which was recorded and used as the OST for Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast. Yes, the one which perfectly stars Emma Watson as Belle aka Beauty? And I LOVE Beauty and the Beast. I love how Belle is such an unconventional character.

That being said, this is why I welcome and adore song covers of movie’s soundtrack. I love how it’s the same song, but somehow feel and sound different each time. That’s kind of amazing, if you ask me.

This version of Youtube sensation Leroy Sanchez is pretty great, if you ask me. Leroy and his duet partner, Lorea Turner, sings the song a little bit more tenderly than John and Ariana’s, which sounds a little too pop, I think. Do you agree?

Let’s see if you might like this version better, too. Watch Leroy Sanchez and Lorea Turner take on Tale as Old as Time below:

What do you think of this cover? Share your thoughts in the comments!