WATCH: This Pinoy Version of High School Musical Is On Point and Friggin’ Hilarious!

I love the High School Musical movies and I will probably keep loving them until the day I die. I’m pretty sure it was what first awakened my love for musicals, and never will I stop saying that High School Musical is indeed one of my favorite films.

I’m sure a lot of you love this Disney film just as much as I do, which is why it continues to go viral even 11 years after it premiered. (I know, it’s crazy that it’s been 11 years!)

A few months ago, we Pinoys were laughing over a Filipino-dubbed version of High School Musical. Well, with the Pinoy humor, we can’t just stop there.

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Twitter user Jireh just shared his own Pinoy version of High School Musical on social media.

Check it out below:

Let’s face it. If we really did make a Pinoy version of the musical film decades ago, the Wildcats would be dancing and singing along to VST & Co. If we had a Pinoy High School Musical today, we’d probably sing along to those pop songs from noon-time shows.

Well, you gotta love your own!

What did you think of this Pinoy version of High School Musical? Share it with us!

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