WATCH: This person made Chickenjoy pizza!

There are things in life that many of us love without hesitation. Pizza? Yes. Mouthwatering fried chicken? Absolutely. Gravy? You bet. But what if you put all these things together? Do you get something mindblowing or just something that you sort of squint your eyes and furrow your brows at? Well, if you were curious, Foodbeast decided to make the very thing: A Chickenjoy pizza. And the way its made is just about as strange as you’d think.

First is the dough, of course–no pizza is complete without it. But instead of tomato-based pizza sauce, we have gravy going down. After that is cheese. Gravy and cheese have come together before, like in poutine, sure, we can still handle that. Then they chop the fried chicken into strips and scatter it all around the pizza. They also add sides of corn and adobo fried rice… Interesting.

After baking, they added some green onion for nice color. We wonder how it tastes!

Watch it here:

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