WATCH: This New Series Has Witches and Vampires, and We’re Excited!

One of the shows we’re excited to see is A Discovery of Witches, based on the bestselling All Souls trilogy by Deborah Harkness. Sky One, which is developing the series, released its first teaser trailer and it looks promising!

The trilogy follows Diana, a powerful witch at Oxford who’s suppressing her power. Everything changes when she meets the vampire Matthew Clairmont, and together, they explore the depths of her power and search for the Ashmole 782, a book that every supernatural creature is desperately searching for.

Watch the first teaser of A Discovery of Witches below:

In the short teaser, we see Diana adjusting to life at Oxford. She even says, “Some people still believe in witches, that magic is real.” We also see the fateful meeting between Diana and Clairmont at the Bodleian library.

Diana will be played by Teresa Palmer, and she will be joined by Matthew Goode as Clairmont, Alex Kingston as Diana’s aunt Sarah Bishop, Valarie Pettiford as Sarah’s partner Emily Mather, Lindsey Duncan as Matthew’s mother Ysabeau, Tanya Moodie as daemon Agatha Wilson, Daniel Ezra as daemon Nathaniel Wilson, Edward Bluemel as vampire Marcus, and Freddie Thorpe as new character Matthieu Beny.

A Discovery of Witches is slated to premiere in 2018.

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