WATCH: This Mom Thought Her iPhone X Was Perfume And Her Reaction Is Adorable

I think we can all agree that our moms deserve the best gifts in the world, so it’s really no surprise when some of us really want to splurge on their gifts, especially for the holidays. While some may give their moms new clothes or designer bags, others want their mothers to have the latest gadgets.

In a tweet that went viral during the Christmas season, Twitter user @rosieposii_ shared a video of the adorable moment her Filipino mom received a very special gift.

As she opened the gift, she began exclaiming that it was perfume–and she was obviously very excited for it! That was until she found out that it was an iPhone X instead.

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Check out the video below:

It instantly went viral when people from all over the internet could relate to how their own Filipino moms would act.

Then people began to share their own videos of their moms opening their gifts. The tweet became the start of a very lovable thread. It just shows how precious our moms truly are.

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