WATCH: This May Be The Best Aerial Video Compilation of The Philippine Islands Just Yet

Much has been said about the beautiful islands and beaches of our country. Year after year, they consistently rank in the lists of the top destinations in the world. Over the course of this year, 2016, I set out to capture as much as I can of this beauty, filming it in any way I can.

This exclusive video for was an almost year-long undertaking, traveling to some of the most exotic parts of the Philippines. With the year almost coming to a close, and me having left the country already, I edited this film as an entry to several international drone film festivals. With any luck, hopefully the results will turn out positive.


I hope this film inspires people to not only travel and explore more of our country, but more importantly, conserve and protect these islands beaches, and our waters. Looking ahead to the 2 months of this year and on to 2017, I am very excited for the upcoming film projects of Central and South America, but more than anything I am excited to film an even bigger and better travel video of our country soon.

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Can you guess which islands and beaches were featured in the video? Tell us in the comments!