WATCH: This Little Girl Tries To Steal The Pope’s Hat

Sneaky, sneaky!

This playful three-year-old girl pulled quite the prank as she snatched the Pope’s hat, a traditional skullcap called the zucchetto, after receiving a kiss from the beloved Pontiff in Vatican City.

Being the good-natured Pope that he is, Pope Francis I laughed along, and went back to his duties with a smile.

The girl is three-year-old Estella Westrick, from Atlanta, Georgia, USA, who was on vacation in Rome with her parents to visit her godfather.

It was the godfather who posted the video on Twitter, which has almost 16,000 retweets.

Speaking to CNN, Estella’s godfather said:

“It was hilarious, everyone was laughing, including the Pope. It’s her first full day in Rome; who knows what she will get up to tomorrow.”

It seems that Estella will be up to more antics when in Rome!

The zucchetto is an important part of the clerical uniform, and only the Pope is allowed to wear the white version. So it looks like little Estella won’t be able to take it home with her as a souvenir.

Still, it should make for a fun memory, and a funny video to look back on when she’s older!

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