WATCH: This Kid Played the Four Presidential Candidates in One ‘Debate’

All Kinds of Awesome shared with us a parody video they created of the second Philippine presidential debate. This kid played all the four presidential candidates debating with each other.

According to All Kinds of Awesome, the purpose of the video is to encourage people to watch the real debate and meticulously get to know each and every candidate. It is everyone’s responsibility to know more about the people who aspire to lead our nation so we can make an informed choice.

As Kurt, the kid on the video, said, “Katuwaan lang po. Walang personalan.”

All Kinds of Awesome also said:

Our children’s future is in their hands. Be informed. Be responsible. Be aware!

Watch the video below.

Have you seen the real presidential debate? We recommend you should and get to know more about our presidential candidates.

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