WATCH: This is Why LOVE is the Most Wonderful Thing The Lord Has Given Us

When Pope Francis came to visit the Philippines, the mockery stopped. No one has said negative comments except that, we poked fun at other things like the traffic and how the cops were allegedly reported wearing diapers. But other than that, everyone was loving.

Everyone, Catholics, Christians, Buddhists, to name a few, was all present to watch him and attend his Holy Mass.


Pope Francis Crowd Control

I came across this video of the Pope’s thoughts about love and religion. Although it’s a month-old video, I thought it would be timely.

Pope Francis

I don’t claim to be an expert on Religion and LGBT, but this video hit me right in the feels. The video is about equality and how we all worship one God. That, we may think and feel different but in His eyes, we are all the same.

Watch the awesome video uploaded by RSE, entitled: It’s Official! Pope Francis reveals plans for “One World Religion” (2016)

Why Should We End The Manny Pacquiao – LGBT Topic Soon?

Much has been said.

So much, that we don’t know how it started and who is to blame anymore? Who is right and who is wrong in this homosexuality issue. This isn’t a battle of who is more righteous and who is more credible.

So, we must end this soon. Let’s not show the world that we are all disabled.

At the end of the day, what matters most is we love each other. We MUST love each other because that’s what your God, my God, Pacquiao’s God, Vice Ganda’s God, and all the people in the world’s GOD want, is to love one another.

Truthfully, we can actually be loving to one another even for just one day. Nothing more, but pure love.

Let’s stop the hate, shall we?

And, no. I’m neither pro-Manny nor a Christian.


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