WATCH: This Is What Ed Sheeran Would Sound Like If He Was Pop Punk

There’s no doubt that Ed Sheeran is one of the biggest names in the international music industry. This is why fans go crazy even at the slightest hint of a possible concert in the Philippines! (We’re keeping our fingers crossed for this!)

Ed Sheeran is such a music genius, that’s for sure. And we’ve just discovered how cool his songs would sound if he was a pop punk artist.

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Youtuber and musician Dave Days just posted his own pop punk version of Ed Sheeran’s hit songs such as Shape Of YouPhotographLego House, and more!

Check out Dave Day’s “If Ed Sheeran was Pop Punk…” video below:

Fans loved the reimagination of Ed Sheerean’s hits–especially since this version was definitely a far cry from his acoustic guitar-driven melodies.

This version will be loved by those who love Ed Sheeran and prefer their music to be a wee bit heavier.

I, for one, truly loved this pop punk version because it adds a whole lot of flavor to Ed’s already marvelous masterpieces.

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