WATCH: This guy threw a birthday party and thought nobody showed up…

What if none of your friends showed up at your birthday party? This is what this guy thought was happening when he went home to his party bringing only two of his friends. His mom appeared to be furious about it after preparing plenty of food for his supposed guests.

His friends apparently told him that they cannot come. What he did not know was that his friends were already in their house hiding, waiting for the perfect moment to surprise him!

The celebrant became emotional after seeing that all of his friends were actually there for him on his birthday. BRB, I’m also crying!!!

Watch the full video here:

He thought nobody showed up on his birthday… (TRY NOT TO CRY)

Anong gagawin mo kung sayo ginawa 'to??? 😭

Posted by When In Manila on Sunday, January 5, 2020

Tracy Mortel, the original poster of the video, told us that he and his friends love to prank each other, so much so that they did not let even their friend’s birthday party pass. He also said that the celebrant’s mom was in on it, too.

Would you do this to your friends on their birthday?

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