WATCH: This Guy Proposed to His GF During Beyonce’s Concert

For Queen Bey, love is transparent: “If you like it, you should put a ring on it.”

single-ladies-beyonce recently shared a heartwarming story about this young man who took Beyonce’s advice seriously and wholeheartedly.

beyonce stopped concert for proposal

According to, his name is John Silver and apparently had asked Queen Bey’s help to make this proposal of the year happen.

As seen on the video, Beyonce was performing her hit single ‘Single Ladies’ when she paused to look for a ‘volunteer’ to come up on stage. The fans were cheering to be called upon but she supposedly randomly picked Silver. Silver happens to be the boyfriend of one of Beyonce’s dancers, Ashley Everett.

A photo posted by Johns (@1j.silver) on

Caption: “Thank you @Beyonce @jaquelknight @chrisgranted @doramelissa for helping me bring this moment to reality. I think I almost threw up my balls b4 I went onstage… Love ya bighead @ashleycmeverett”

Beyonce eventually gave the mic and the floor to Silver so he can finally ask the magical question: “will you marry me?”

Watch the video that’ll hit all the feels!

Courtesy of Simon Venekeo YouTube account.

The couple has been blessed by Queen Bey. This happened during her The Formation World Tour concert last September 10, 2016, in St. Louis, Missouri.

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