WATCH: This Guy Made An SDE Video For His Dog’s First Birthday And It Is Hilariously Adorable

Pet lovers always have a special connection with animals. There will always be a place in their hearts for their pets. A lot of pet owners will actually go to great lengths just to make sure that their furry friends are happy.

One example of this is what Raphael Cruz did for his dog’s first birthday. Not only did he “surprise” his dog, Barbecue, with a cake, but he also made him a same-day-edit video for the occasion!

Check it out below:

This SDE video is complete with the actual birthday surprise, behind-the-scenes preparations, and interviews with Raphael himself, and Barbecue’s fellow dog friends.

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This unconventional birthday video has gone viral over social media with more than 14,000 shares as of this writing. Of course, other than it being funny (especially with those subtitles), this video is actually quite cute when you think about how this dog lover would go through all this effort for his pet. Plus, Barbecue is awfully cute!

You can check out more of this cutie pup’s adventures on his very own Facebook page here.

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