WATCH: This guy blesses his new car with incense, burns the whole car instead

This guy in Jiangsu city of Yangzhou just bought a new car and he decided to bless it by burning incense in it. Unfortunately, the burning incense ended up burning his entire car.

The viral video was posted on a Chinese social media sharing site. It showed how the guy’s new BMW burned to a crisp after blessing it with burning incense. His new car, which turned into a smoldering piece of iron and ashes were said to be worth about $63,000.

The video showed that before the fire there were offerings around the car and a piece of red cloth draped across its hood. The Yangzhou fire department believes that the fire started when the owner burned incense on the cloth. The car was allegedly new and it did not even have a license plate yet.

You can watch the video here.

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