WATCH: This Girl’s Hair Changes Color!

What is it about colors that like to deceive us so?!

Girl's hair changes color 

A few months ago, it was the white/gold – blue/black heathen of a dress that got our minds over in a flurry. Now… it’s this girls’ hair! It goes from blue, to pink, and then to purple!

This video was uploaded by a Youtube user named Sabrina — the same girl in the video– and has gotten over 2 MILLION views!

No matter how you try not to blink… it really does change color!! How? Is it magic? Is it some cleverly edited video to make us go crazy in our heads? Or is it simply science?

Check out the video below: 

In any case, we’re pretty sure it’s the light in the rooms she walks in that causes it to change color. Either way, it’s amazing!

What do you think of this girl’s hair color?? Would you love to color your hair like hers??


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