WATCH: This Girl “Challenged” Gloria Diaz To A Battle Ropes Showdown And It Is Hilarious

There’s really no telling what video could go trending next. Just a few weeks ago, it was 1969 Miss Universe Gloria Diaz who was going viral around the interwebs–and for the funniest reason!

After the former beauty queen posted a video of her doing a battle ropes workout, the internet went nuts. Really, it was super entertaining to watch, and with the way Ms. Gloria Diaz slayed those ropes with poise and  grace, it could actually make you want to try it, too.


Of course, what’s a trendy video without a few parodies here and there? YouTuber Jam Raquion had a little bit of fun with the workout video and made her own version.

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She edited the video and makes it look like a “showdown” video of her and Gloria Diaz doing the Battle Ropes workout. It is funny as hell!

Check it out below:

Jam even captions it with “THAT COMPETITIVE ONE IN THE GYM ft. Gloria Diaz.” Accurate!

And that face she makes at the end? That would definitely be us should we have any chance to challenge the beauty queen to a workout! LOL!

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