WATCH: This Foreign Author Gives An Inspirational Speech About How Much He Loves The Philippines

In these days of internet trolls and so much controversy in politics, it’s so easy to continually blurt out negative things about the country. For some reason, even Filipinos tend to focus on the bad things happening in the country rather than the good.

Yet, as we spend so much time stressing over negative things, there’s a foreign author that’s so passionate about his love for the Philippines.

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That’s right, a foreign man loves the Philippines so much that he made an inspirational speech about it.

Mike Grogan is an Irish best-selling author and an international speaker who believes so much in the potential of the Philippines. Recently, he just posted a video of one speech he had about the best thing about Filipinos.

Check it out below:

In the speech, he talks about the two values that he thinks are the best about the Filipino people: bayanihan and walang iwanan.

Mike Grogan shares that he was so amazed that even in simple jeepney rides you’d get to witness bayanihan–you can’t see that anywhere else. He believes that the Pinoy bayanihan can change the world.

I think that his speech opened the eyes of many Filipinos, because these are the things we’ve grown familiar with. Little did we know that some people from the outside look at us with awe, and believe that we can change the world.

Now, doesn’t that just make you proud to be Pinoy?

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