WATCH: This Filipino Man Traveled to 25 Countries and Compiled Jump Shot Videos

From Denver to Trieste, Italy this man has been around the world: 25 countries and across 4 continents. He filmed and documented his adventure by posing in front of valuable monuments and city centers and made a “jump shot” He joined a global education program called “Up with People”, traveling with about 100 different people from 20 countries.

Direct Quote:

I’m Jorem from The Philippines. Musician. At 25 (now 26) I was fortunate enough to have traveled over 80 cities/towns, 25 countries, 4 continents and tried my best to record jump shot videos in each place that I visit – all in a span of 2 years. 

I started doing this “jumping” project in 2014 when I joined a global education program called Up with People, traveling with about 100 different people from 20 countries. We started our journey in Denver, Colorado and ended in Trieste, Italy. Some of the cast (including me) extended the tour in Israel where Up with People had never set foot before. The program lasted for 6 months, traveling to city after city every week, being accommodated by host families. The exchange of culture and acquiring friendship from people around the globe gave me a whole new perspective in life. (

The following year (2015) I got my first cruise ship contract as a trio musician onboard the Fred Olsen’s Blackwatch where we traveled across Europe, North America, Africa and Asia, sailing seas for 8 months. Here I’ve met a different group of people, met some of most amazing international artists and several times had an awesome chance to perform with them. I’ve learned a lot of the good and bad side of being an overseas worker. Colleagues and crew members have taught me a thing or two on how to deal with the strange life at sea. Overall the experience is surreal and totally one for the books.

I thank everyone who have helped do this project, especially the people who held and shot the camera for me 😀

Home is where the heart is.

What an awesome video! Showing vast scenery and landscape. The beauty of the world is surreal. Thanks for submitting this, Jorem! May you continue to travel and bring your heart wherever you go.

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