WATCH: This Dutch Guy Has Touching Video of Not Wanting to Leave the Philippines

And it will make you go “awwwww…”

AdoboMike just went back home to the Netherlands a couple of months ago. He documented his trip back home from leaving the Philippines to landing in the Netherlands and returning to have a meal in his home.

The start of the video would really make you feel like telling him not to go. I can feel he’s really sad. So, come back soon AdoboMike!

He said the Philippines is his favorite country by far.

On the video, he talks about having a hard time leaving the country. He said it’s third or fourth time here so we’re sure he’ll come back and visit.

You can also see a bit of his layover in Taipei.

Then, finally he landed in the Netherlands, were he shows how super cold it is there and choosing to wear shorts is not a great idea.

He ended the video eating a meal of Easter egg and sweet bread with his family.

Video is a bit long though at 19 minutes, but I guess he just really did not want to leave the Philippines that much.

Watch his video. Try not to shed a tear for him. 🙂



How about you? How do you feel when you leave the Philippines? Are you as emotional as AdoboMike?

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