WATCH: This Dude’s #TeamBahay Travel Video Is Hilarious!

The warm weather, people flocking the beach, and the fact that almost all the things you see on your social media’s timelines are people in swimsuits and their travel photos – it’s definitely the start of the summer season.

While everybody else is gearing up for their own adventure under the sun, some of us just don’t have the resources to embark on a summer getaway. It might be an issue with time, budget or most likely, priorities.

So instead, we come up with our own ways to enjoy the season, given the limited resources we have. Well, with his trusty camera and the traditional Filipino wit, Arjay Asejo made a funny video where he imitates all the activities one might have on a getaway, but in the comfort of his own home.

In the video, he takes 360 clips of him in different spots around his house, similar to what a usual traveler might do to showcase the scenery of the location he or she is currently in.

He also cliff dives off their sofa, plunges back-first to his bed, and enjoys a ride on his stationary motorcycle.

With over 32,000 likes and 10,000 shares, it seems like a lot can relate to Arjay. Then again, who said you can’t make good videos and enjoy your vacation when you’re #teambahay?

Are you also #teambahay this summer season? Tell us below.