WATCH: This doggo got a free meal outside a pet store while no one was looking

Free buffet, anyone? Apparently this doggo thinks so. And it’s both funny and adorable! Facebook netizen Don Kurt Damada was just passing by when he saw this sweet little doggo having the time of his life eating up some dog food outside NCCC Choice Mall in Davao. Just look at how happy he is getting this free meal! We couldn’t help but go “awww.”
One funny comment in particular said that “may buo lang siya kaya sinusulit na niya.” Another talked about how they wish they were dogs so if they were caught eating out of that bag, cute lang yung reaction, haha!
Check out the video here:

While buying dog food……hmmm free taste ??

Posted by Don Kurt Damada on Sunday, August 16, 2020

You go, lil guy! Eat to your heart’s desire (and hopefully don’t get caught!


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