WATCH: This Couple’s Pre-Wedding Video Is A Pinoy Version Of ‘Kimi No Na Wa’

Weddings nowadays become an outlet for creativity through the photographs, pre-wedding videos, and same-day-edit videos. Aside from seeing a couple get married, some of the things I actually look forward to are these videos.

One of the most creative pre-wedding videos I’ve seen recently is this one produced by Pixelfish Concept PH. The pre-wedding video of Alloy and Shiela Vargas was inspired by the famous anime movie, Kimi No Nawa.

They actually recreated the trailer of the film shot by shot and made themselves the lead characters!

Watch it below:

It’s pretty much a Pinoy version of Kimi No Nawa since this one’s shot in the Philippines! They even went around to locations that look exactly just like the one in the anime. Plus, they even translated the narration!

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I haven’t seen anything this spot-on–and very creative. And this pre-wedding video is just one example of how skillful video producers in the country can be!

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