WATCH: This Couple is Looking for a Travel Nanny to See the World For Free!

Is it your dream to see the world…. for free? Then this might be the job you’re looking for! YouTubers FiveTakeFlight, composed of Derek and Kenzie Tillotson, are looking for a travel nanny to take care of and homeschool their kids while they travel the world for a year.

Watch their video below:

If you are hired, you will be expected to take care of three kids and help out with other stuff like packing bags, cooking, cleaning, and of course, taking pictures.

Once accepted, the travel nanny will join the Tillotsons in a trip that will cover New York City, Iceland, Scandinavia, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Austria, Turkey, Germany, and France, then warmer places like Hawaii, New Zealand, and Asia.

According to the couple, travel, food, and lodging will be taken care of, and the nanny will be paid $1,200 to $1,500 a month (roughly P60,000 to P75,000 a month). He or she will have time to explore on his or her own every day, and will get one or two days a week off.

Sounds like your dream job? Go apply!

Is this something you would do? Share your thoughts below!

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