WATCH: This ‘BBC Mom’ Parody of the ‘BBC Dad’ Interview is Hilarious

Surely you’ve seen the latest viral video in the internet with the “BBC Dad” right? In case you haven’t, the video is a clip from a super important BBC online interview between an anchor in studio and Robert Kelly, a professor and expert on South Korean politics. The professor is based in South Korea with his wife and two kids.

In the middle of the interview though, Kelly’s little girl waltzes her way into the room, bubbly in a yellow sweatshirt, and so gleefully dancing her way to dad. Second after, her little brother appears through the door as well and so adorable in his walker. But the entertainment doesn’t end there. Soon enough, the kids’ mom suddenly rushes into the room, grabs the kids outside, and closes the door. It’s the best fiasco there ever was.

But what if it was a mother in Kelly’s position, instead? What could she have done?

New Zealand comedy show explores exactly that. In this video they uploaded in Youtube, Jono and Ben creates a parody of the BBC Dad interview, but with a woman instead. The whole thing is hilariously spot on, so watch it all the way through below:

What was your favorite part of the parody? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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