WATCH: This Airline Had Gordon Ramsay, Rowan Atkinson, and Ian McKellen For Its Safety Video And It is Super Funny!

Let’s be honest, it’s pretty hard to concentrate on those safety videos they play in airplanes before you take off. But who’s to blame? There’s just a lot of other things that grab our attention–like the seat belts, or the lights in the plane, or the magazines stuck in the back of the seats.

So, most airlines would truly go to great lengths just to make sure that passengers are watching those safety videos.

And we may have found the one that will truly grab everyone’s attention.

British Airways had some of the most famous British actors for their safety video. If that doesn’t make you stop what you’re doing and watch the video, I don’t know what will! The video features Gordon Ramsay, Ian McKellen, and even Mr. Bean himself–Rowan Atkinson!

Check it out below:

The video features these actors as they “audition” for a safety video. It’s basically a safety video in a safety video! It’s a video-ception!

And the video is actually genuinely hilarious! You come for the actors and stay for the funnies.

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We have award-winning actor Chiwetel Ejiofor being treated as an amateur actor, with the director saying that the safety video could be his big break. Famous hothead chef Gordon Ramsay is given a script that makes him say “sweetie” after every sentence. But perhaps the best bit was Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean clumsily spilling his change all over the set while he’s preparing to give a donation to the Comic Relief foundation.

This safety video doesn’t just prepare you for any scenario, but also invites passengers to give a donation to Comic Relief, a foundation that aims to end global poverty.

Now, that’s how you do a safety video!

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