WATCH: This Ad about Stepmoms Will Bring You to Tears

Words by Keith Carandang

Christmas comes and goes every year and moms are one of the busiest during this season. They take care of the family and we should always be reminded of their admirable roles in our lives.  That said, media still often overlooks the non-traditional moms.  Maggi takes a step forward for stepmoms here and shows us the difficult yet courageous role that they take on every day.

Watch the full video below:

Maggi Magic Sarap gives a dish its exact yumminess, keeping true to the commercial’s title- Sarap ng Pagsasama.

This Holiday Season, I hope this ad opened a lot of Filipinos’ minds to finally acknowledge that there are many different kinds of moms that should also be appreciated.

Let’s share this heartwarming Maggi video to show moms that we respect them, we care about them, and we admire them.  Do you have any touching stories like this one you’d want to share?  Tell us in the comments and show the people just how admirable moms everywhere are.


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