WATCH: This 4 Minute OK Go Music Video Was Shot in 4 Seconds


OK Go makes great music, but what makes them stand out are their music videos. Their music videos are usually low-budget and shot in one take. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, just check out their amazing video of “Here It Goes Again” in 2006. Now, they’re stepping up their video game a few notches higher: they shot their music video of “The One Moment” in just four seconds.

It’s a fitting method, considering the song is about one single moment. The video is a series of chaotic and confusing moments, shot in four seconds and stretched in super slow motion to fill the entire four minute song.

According to music video director Damian Kulash, Jr, “The song ‘The One Moment’ is a celebration of (and a prayer for) those moments in life when we are most alive. For the video, we tried to represent this idea literally– we shot it in a single moment. We constructed a moment of total chaos and confusion, and then unraveled that moment, discovering the beauty, wonder, and structure within.”

And it’s amazing.

Watch it below:

Of course, the director didn’t leave anything to chance. Everything was planned meticulously, using a spreadsheet with 25 columns and 400 rows. There are a total of 318 “events,” each controlled by a digital trigger that is timed to the music and camera movements. A total of seven cameras were used, and the footage was slowed down to 6,000 frames per second (fps).

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