WATCH: These Students Did A “High School Musical” Prank and It Was Fabulous

High School Musical is one of those Disney movies that’s just so easy to love. Maybe it’s because of its cutesy and chill plot, or the catchy songs, or just the fact that it became an actual cultural phenomenon.

A recent prank done by high school students in a school in the USA proves that it’s still as loved by young people as before. It was dubbed a “High School Musical prank” by senior students.

Michaela Viviano captured the whole thing on camera and posted it on Facebook, getting more than 2 million views–and still counting!

Check it out below:

These students actually re-enacted the musical number in the movie with the song Stick To The Status Quo. Just like in the movie, these students just stood up and started singing and dancing in the cafeteria.

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Michaela shares with WhenInManila.com that while people were shocked and quiet at first, everyone “started cheering and screaming” a few moments into the prank.

This takes the whole “I wish my life was a movie” thing a lot more real. And honestly, who wouldn’t want to be in a musical IRL?? Spontaneous singing and dancing? I’m definitely in!

What did you think of this High School Musical prank? Would you do this, too? Share it with us!