WATCH: These Hoomans Tasted Cat Food and Here’s What They Think

You just woke up and your cat was meowing at you, asking for food. You stood up, reached for a can of cat food, opened it and gave it to your cat. While your paw baby was happily eating, a thought suddenly popped in your head. “What does cat food taste like?”, you asked.

Don’t worry, it’s not just some sort of half-awake, half-asleep question. It’s something most, if not all of us, are wondering about.

Well, wonder no more. We, plain hoomans, can finally know what cat food tastes like through this video by Pet Warehouse and Kit Cat Wet Cat Food.

Don’t worry, Kit Cat Wet Cat Food is human grade. Now, you can finally have a cat food trip sesh with your kitty. Get a free can from Pet Warehouse and try it yourself.

Have you ever tasted your pet’s food? Tell us in the comments.


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