WATCH: These guys rode an inflatable boat down Pasig River. Here’s what they found!

Words by Lori Dumaligan

All photos from P.A.P.s PH

What’s the best way to meet new people and really connect with them?

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I say, jump right in! That’s exactly what the guys from Passionate About Peoples (P.A.P.s PH) did when they decided to start a Youtube channel and decided to take an inflatable down Pasig River. In this video, they show the severity of the river’s pollution, the stories of fisherfolk, and what they learned from their daring journey.

But why explore Pasig River? The truth is that all of us and the guys at P. A. P. s had the same mindset about the river. It’s these constructed bubbles in our minds that the guys want to address.

Their main objective is to help Filipinos from different backgrounds to understand each other better.

They noticed that we live in bubbles composed of our differences in social status, educational attainment, hobbies, and so on. These divide us and we tend to discriminate those who live in a different social context. We lose our empathy and compassion in the process.

Ethan, one of the confounders, says, “I was uninformed. I feel this lack of understanding contributes to the lack of development in the country, socially, culturally, and economically.”

So, they decided to step out of their comfort zones. They wanted to immerse themselves in the life surrounding Pasig River. 

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The concept of floating along this pollution is a daring feat and soon the guys are rewarded by meeting fishermen whose lives are intertwined with the flow of the water.

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Their mission to break out of their social bubble and to share with others the reality of people’s lives so different from ours is the main takeaway from this video.

Who would have thought that a fishing community would treasure and see life in the middle of all the pollution Pasig River is known for? People’s experiences and connections made along its banks literally gives the river new life.

P.A.P.s is the channel to subscribe and hit the notification bell for because they want to share the stories of Filipinos by setting the example of embarking out of their social bubbles. They dare you to do the same and see how it changes your perspective!

What’s a better way to connect with people than jumping right into the river itself? Watch the video to see their full journey!

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