WATCH: These Dolphins Are So Brilliant That They Invented a New Way To Fish

We’ve always known that dolphins are hugely intelligent. They are known to have the ability to solve problems and improvise. But these group of dolphins in the marshes off the coast of Savannah in Georgia raises the bar for all dolphins everywhere. They have learned to make use of teamwork to its fullest advantage.

They are so brilliant that they have learned to fish on land.


This clip was part of Discovery Channel’s documentary series, ‘North America.’

These dolphins perform a hunting technique that is not found anywhere else on land. The dolphins wait for water levels to go down and then corral the fish towards the bank. In a spectacular show, they race towards the shore and beach themselves on land, forcing the fish to be thrown onto the banks as well.

The dolphins then catch the fish in their jaw as the fish fall back into the water.


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Local birds have caught on to these dolphins’ ingenious method and lie in wait for the fish to land in their laps (or their beaks).

Incredible. Brilliant. The dolphins must have learned this technique on their own.

Scientists are worried though that the dolphins might get injured. Beaching puts stress on a dolphin’s internal organs and puts them at risk of sunburn as well as injury from sharp objects on the shore.

We hope no bad thing happen to the dolphins though and they continue living their beautiful lives in that area–and everywhere else.

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