WATCH: These Dancing Baristas Will Get You Going (Like A Caffeine Rush!)

Toby’s Estate Coffee is one of my favorite hangout places in Manila. This is the only coffee shop I go to, even though, some of their branches don’t have Wi-Fi!

In fact, I became friends with a few of them.

misconceptions about barista

Toby’s Estate Senior Roasters: Andy (L) and CJ (Right). By the way, Andy was one of the finalists of the first Philippine National Latte Art Championship. CJ, on the other hand, is one of the handsome roasters of Toby’s Whitespace branch.

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So, going back to Toby’s fantastic staff members, my friend Roxie, who is a mainstay of Toby’s Estate, and owner of the newest neighborhood cafe in BF, Bowen 24 Cafe, shared a video of some of the staff showing off their hidden talents!

Toby's Estate Dancing Baristas

Watch the MOD (Manager On Duty), Chef, and Barista, dance to the tune of Dawin’s hit song, “Jumpshot.”

Nice one, guys! We got served!

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