WATCH: There’s Much More to Western Visayas Than You Think

Remember this breathtaking video of the beauty of Batanes by Eric Gamorot? Well, Eric is at it again with another travel video around the Philippines, this time making you want to explore Western Visayas ASAP! Eric was able to go in and outside Panay Island in search of photo- and video-worthy sights.

Gigantes is blessed with many white sand beaches and sandbars, but Eric’s point of interest in Iloilo was to check out some ancient churches dating back to the Spanish era of the Philippines. Antique’s main attraction, though, is Seco Island, the unknown paradise. Eric explains what that was like: “Imagine that the boat is your car and the waves are huge ramps on the road. What happens when a fast car hits a ramp? You fly. And that’s what happened to us. We were like constantly flying. Waves after waves after waves. Water splashing on our faces as if there was no tomorrow.” The boat ride takes three hours and you may even get to see dolphins swimming nearby.

Another place that you will see in the video includes Capiz, a so-called paradise for massive seafood lovers. “They’re not just fresh and yummy,” Eric shares. “They are also famously inexpensive because of the abundant supply.” My favorite part about the video, though, is how Eric focuses on some of the locals of Iloilo. He shares that their intonations while they speak made him feel welcome as a traveller. Watch the video here:


Got any travel videos of your own to share? 🙂