WATCH: The Two-Minute Story of Angie Mead King, Featured on Nas Daily

The interesting story of Angie Mead King, a transgender woman formerly known as Ian King, was featured on the Facebook page and website of Nas Daily as one of its two-minute video blogs (vlogs).

The episode “The Full Story of Angie” features the exciting life of Angie King as a professional car racer, car designer, hotel and restaurant manager, and as the transgender wife of supermodel Joey Mead.

The man formerly known as Ian King is now Angie King, Joey Mead’s queen

The highlight of the video feature is, of course, King’s transformation from a man into a woman, which is much-covered in the news and social media. After all, he came out publicly on Instagram last year, when he changed his username from ‘Hail to the King’ to ‘Hail to the Queen’. From then on, Ian became Angie. And as cited on the video, “because sometimes the king can also be a queen.”

Watch the video here:

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