[WATCH] The Truth As Told In Lies: A Filipino Film about Abandonment and Abuse

When in Manila, Filipino moviegoers have recently taken social media by storm as they post about their search for quality Filipino films that they could be truly proud of. As the viewers, we sometimes fail to realize just how much time, effort, and money it takes to produce a film. This is why some filmmakers have taken to social media to ask help from the people to who believe in them to actualize their dream production. (Click here to see their Indiegogo page.)

One of them is Ira Giorgetti. Ira is a recent Latin honors graduate of the University of the Philippines Film Institute. His short film ‘Happy Birthday’ placed third in this year’s Globe Telecom Wonderfilm Festival, and his most recent short headlined part of the Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival.

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Ira is currently working on The Truth As Told In Lies, a film that he wrote and directed. But more than the desire to produce quality films, Ira aims to use this film as part of his ongoing efforts to support a mental health campaign in the Philippines. “I think that while the story and the art of the film is important, it is the message and effect on society that I am gunning for,” he said.

Here are five interesting facts about the movie, as told to When in Manila by Ira himself:

1. The film is backed by “Home Alone” producer Scott Rosenfelt.
2. The film represents a mental health campaign I’m running as an advocacy in partnership with the Natascha Goulbourn Foundation. The project aims to raise funds not only for the film, but also to help maintain the foundation’s suicide hotline.
3. The film features mainstream TV actor Alexander Diaz and celebrity hostess Issa Litton.
4. The film aims to bring depression and other mental health conditions to light, showing people that the stigma is a part of outdated, traditional Filipino mentality.
5. The film is being distributed online, along with special perks like autographed gear and behind-the-scenes materials, on our Indiegogo page.

The Truth As Told In Lies

The Truth as Told in Lies is a story about abandonment and abuse. It is about what happens to people when they are left behind. The hurt felt is not like that of an injury. The pain does not end there. The pain leaves scars that can change you forever. Pain that can change the course of your life.

When we look beyond the celluloid, the story is about ordinary people dealing with extraordinary challenges. It is a story that speaks truth to power, and explores an often unspoken reality- that the human spirit is not something that thrives in isolation, but with the nourishment of our close relationships.

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The story was inspired by his own experiences and by the people close to him. Ira has a very special reason why he wants these stories told:

The Philippines is a country divided by corruption and chronic inequality. Millions of Filipinos with mental health challenges live below a poverty line that is largely unimaginable to places like Europe and the United States. Mainstream media has long since broadcasted their stories to the world, but little has been done to help Filipinos suffering from the complex effects and stigma of mental health challenges. These people are invisible and suffer in silence…The project is looking for backers to support the film project, and a wider mental health campaign in the Philippines. Your support will not only help realise an important artistic vision, but support the lives of real individuals and real families who have no access to mental health services. Your support will save lives.

For those who are interested to know more about The Truth As Told In Lies, watch the video below.

To know more about how you could show your support, visit their Indiegogo page here.

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