WATCH: The Teaser Trailer of “Mary Poppins Returns” is Here and We Can’t Wait!

Fans of Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mary Poppins, we have great news for you: the upcoming sequel Mary Poppins Returns is drawing nearer and the first teaser trailer is here!

Watch it below:

In the teaser, we see Miranda as Jack the Lamplighter flying a kite with a boy. With a storm brewing and the wind going overdrive, we see a familiar figure floating down from the sky with an umbrella. You guessed it right, it’s Mary Poppins!

While many of us weren’t around yet when Mary Poppins first came out in 1964, most of us are familiar with the story: a British family hires an unusually cheerful nanny, who lands from the skies with a suitcase and an umbrella. The film, which was a loosely-based adaptation of P.L. Travers’ series of books, is considered as Walt Disney’s “crowning achievement.”

The titular nanny will be portrayed by Emily Blunt. She has huge shoes to fill since Julie Andrews took on the role 53 years ago, but Blunt has already proven herself after the movie adaptation of the musical Into the Woods. Even Andrews loves the idea, saying, “Oh, wonderful!”

Mary Poppins Returns will be set in 1935, 25 years after the first movie’s 1910 setting. The story is reportedly about Michael Banks, a boy in the original movie, who experiences a personal loss. Of course, Poppins is the only person who can comfort him.

The Banks children, originally played by Karen Dotrice and Matthew Garber, will be portrayed as adults by Emily Mortimer and Ben Whishaw.

They will be joined by Meryl Streep, Angela Lansbury, Julie Walters, and Colin Firth. Dick Van Dyke, who plays Poppins’ best friend Bert, will return.

The film will be directed by Rob Marshall, who directed the film adaptation of the musical Chicago, which won six Academy Awards (and being nominated for seven more), as well as Memoirs of a Geisha, NinePirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tidesand Into the Woods.

Mary Poppins Returns premieres on Christmas day in 2018, which means an early 2019 release for the Philippines, because of the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF).

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