WATCH: “The Spy Who Dumped Me” and how these ladies are stealing the spy movie spotlight!

Words by Carinna Reyes

I know what you’re probably thinking: “Is this movie really worth the movie ticket?”

I know because I had the same thought. At face value, it seems like a story we’ve all seen before–a typical story where spy meets someone ordinary, and together they go on a wacky adventure and save the world. We’ve all seen movies like this a hundred times over, so what sets this one apart from the rest?

You’d never have guessed it; it’s the women.

The main reason that makes this movie worth going to the cinema for is its unflattering, realistic portrayal of women, a refreshing sight as opposed to the perfect, ravishing women we normally see in any movie. Aside from the feminist quips Kate McKinnon hilariously delivers in most of her scenes, this story does well in reminding the viewers the diversity of a woman–that she can be condescending, average, flamboyant, apathetic, or even psychotic, like any other human being can be.

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The stark comparison between the stiff beauty of Europe, where most of the story occurred, and the mess that Aubrey (Mila Kunis) and Morgan (Kate McKinnon) created as they navigate a foreign world on their own is a fitting metaphor of how these characters break away from the stereotype of a one-dimensional, flawless woman and how they, through their capacities, attain their happy endings on their own.

The direction of this movie makes it distinct from other spy movies. Instead of the usual narrative flow of beginning, middle, and end, the story begins in the middle. It drops us right in the consequences that follow of Aubrey and Drew’s breakup and smoothly transitions to some of their memories from time to time so the audience would be able to catch up.

The production was nothing short of a spectacle too. Their fighting scenes were choreographed well and the costumes were all a sight to see–especially in the circus set. Morgan’s trapeze scene was believable enough to put me on the edge of my seat.

Storywise, there were a few scenes that left me a little puzzled after the movie. Some characters such as Morgan’s former stalker, Eddie Snowden, and their unexpected roommate in Amsterdam, played a big role in solving the conflict of the story but their motives were a bit unclear. It was as if it was only through pure luck that they were there when they were needed.

Without giving much of it away, the budding romantic relationship at the end also negated the independence of one major character that was building up throughout the whole movie, and I personally think it would’ve been more appropriate if they only remained as friends.

Still, these are only minute details into an otherwise humorous story, and if not for the great representation of women, the comedic yet natural delivery of the actors is enough to make you laugh out loud and make this film worth seeing in a movie theater.

Overall, watching this movie turned my initial hesitations to uncontrollable laughter, and had me rooting for Aubrey and Morgan to embrace their happiness as they killed mafia lords and saved the world. And if your idea of going to the cinemas is to have a memorable time, then I definitely recommend you go for this movie along with some popcorn.

The movie is set to hit the theaters on August 3, 2018.


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