WATCH: The Rock Singing Behind the Scenes of Moana

Everyone has been raving about ‘Moana’ lately. As great as it is to watch the movie, though, I’m one of those people who are absolute suckers for behind-the-scenes footage of animated movies. In this special behind-the-scenes look of the movie, we see Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson singing

In the video, songwriter Lin-Manuel Miranda says he knew he was writing the song for The Rock, so he thought of the most fun thing it would be to hear The Rock sing – and that’s “You’re Welcome”. “And he really sings it beautifully,” Lin says. “When Maui sings, the room stops,” adds The Rock. “Maui has a tremendous voice – I have a bit of that.”

Watch the BTS footage here:

Did you love Moana as much as we did? 🙂

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