Watch the New Trailer of “Victoria & Abdul” if You Love “The Crown”

Victoria Abdul Urdu


One of the most groundbreaking Netflix series of 2016 was The Crown, which told the story of the United Kingdom’s Queen Elizabeth II, the longest currently reigning monarch and head of state in the world (she became queen in 1952). The series was praised for offering an inside look into the life of the intensely-private queen, as well as for its lavish production. The series has already been called the most expensive series to produce.

If you were a fan of The Crown, you will definitely love Victoria & Abdul, an upcoming film based on a book by Shrabani Basu, exploring the real-life friendship between Queen Victoria and her Indian servant Abdul Karim. Queen Victoria happens to be the great-great-grandmother of Queen Elizabeth II.

In a new trailer for the film, Karim teaches Queen Victoria how to speak and write in Urdu, which Karim says is the noblest out of the thousand Indian languages.

Watch the trailer below:

Victoria & Abdul is directed by Stephen Frears and stars Judi Dench as Queen Victoria, a role she has previously portrayed in the 1997 film Mrs. Brown, and Ali Fazal as Karim.

It will premiere on September 22, 2017.

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