WATCH: The Minions Sing on Stage in the New Clip for ‘Despicable Me 3’

Gru’s minions might just be the most adorable, cutest, loveliest little evil helpers in the history of movie bad guys. I mean, from the first Despicable movie, viewers loved them so much that they got their own spin-off movie. And that is considering the fact that no one really understands what they are. Or what they are saying. (Although they reportedly speaking a bit Filipino.)

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In this new clip released by Illumination, the film’s production company, the minions take the stage of what seems like a singing contest. X Factor, perhaps? Or America’s Got Talent? Anyway, basing from the performance of the group (they’ve come prepared with costumes and props), it looks like the minions have got more talent than just assisting evil lords towards world domination. They can sing and dance, y’all.

If you can’t imagine that, well luck you ‘cos here’s the clip to prove it. Watch:

Despicable Me 3 comes out in theaters on June 2017.

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